Cleaning Expenses Or The End Of Tenancy Cleaning Calculations You Forget About

When we are about to rent a new home, we are often ready to spend a significantly larger amount of money so that it is much better than the old house. When we are furnishing and refurnishing, we are often spending all the cash up to the limit of our credit cards and we assume this normal. And let’s not even start talking about the money we are giving every single day of our lives for coffee, lunch, carrot cake, gelato, gin and tonic, and many more little things that make life big. Yeah, we are not born and raised in an era of savings. We are consumers and we kind of enjoy it because we believe that spending money for things that make us happy and bring us joy is more of an investment than of a waste. And that’s completely fine. However, while you are more than ready to spend hundreds or even thousands for a new pair of shoes or a new gadget when it is time for a cleaning and especially for a more complex and inclusive one like the move out clean-up, you seem to be a total tightwad, aren’t you? The price seems too high and the service seems nothing special, but in reality, you even hardly realize the importance of the situation until you lose your entire security deposit and it’s just too late. But have you ever made the calculations and do you really know what has to be calculated indeed? If not, here are some good tips that will save you money, and time, and energy, and all the stress.

The Detergents and The Tools

end of tenancy cleanup

If you are not a totally neat and clean freak, I bet that you don’t have a lot of the cleaning products needed for a good end of tenancy clean-up. This automatically means that if you are planning to perform one by yourself, you will need to spend quite a lot on those and some of your time, as well. The situation with the cleaning tools is similar. They are costly and the good ones are hard to find. And some of the cleaning devices and machinery the experts use are so expensive that almost no household could afford to have one of them.

The Expertise

This is something you cannot put a monetary value on, but which determines the real success of a cleaning. The way you clean in no way could be compared with the way experienced professionals cope with cleaning problems. Keep this in mind.

The Opportunity Cost

To be honest, while all the factors above matter, this is indeed the most relevant one. Because if the cleaning team has to spend a few hours perfecting the conditions of your home, you need a whole week. And the opportunity cost of this time is high, as you could meanwhile be making money, traveling, relaxing, and not cleaning at all. The professional end of tenancy cleaning ends up being the cheapest option, believe it or not.

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