Will You Buy Your Wife A Deep Fryer Or A Beautiful Dress?

There can be multiple confusions in life which are very difficult to answer and address. One of such confusions can be whether you would consider buying your wife a kitchen item like a deep fryer or a beautiful dress which she can wear and feel proud of. The dilemma here arises because of the fact that you might be having a limited budget and since your wife would be happy to have both a deep fryer because it gives her additional flexibility to make additional dishes in the kitchen and a beautiful dress because that will make her feel beautiful from inside as well and more confident. You as a husband might have to make a tough choice between the two knowing for a fact that your wife would want both the things and if you buy one she will be dissatisfied for not getting the other item.

women dress

We will try to analyze the benefits of both to see which option is more lucrative so as to help you make the decision. The deep fryer can make the complex tasks in the kitchen much simpler considering the fact that it gives you and your wife additional options to cook like you can deep fry your fries to make them taste better or you can cook some snacks in the evening with your beer or tea to enjoy your evening. The other benefit of a deep fryer is that it doesn’t make the kitchen messy and the waste which you would have had to clean otherwise in conventional cooking methods would not be there saving you much trouble and additional work. Thus deep fryer seems like a good option to consider taking into account its benefits.

A beautiful dress, on the other hand, is equally enticing as your wife when she wears the dress would look more beautiful when she goes out and you would feel proud of her. Also, a beautiful dress would increase her confidence, and she would be a much more confident and assertive person when she socializes.

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Thus, the benefits for both the things; a deep fryer and a beautiful dress compete with each other and both are equally important as you see them through different lenses. Hence the suggestion would be actually to buy both the items for your wife as the deep fryer would give you additional food options and a beautiful dress would give you a happy and a more confident wife.

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